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The Camotes Island

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Camotes Island
The Camotes Island is a group of island that forms part of the province of Cebu in the Philippines. The island group is located east of Cebu Island, southwest of Leyte Island and north of Bohol Island. The Camotes is composed of the following four islands and their municipalities:
Poro; the municipalities of Poro and Tudela.
Pacijan; the sole municipality is San Francisco.
Ponson; the sole municipality is Pilar.
Tulang; is part of the barangay Esperanza, which is part of San Francisco.
The island of Pacijan and Poro are connected by a paved road called a causeway. Ponson is separated by the Camotes Sea lying about four kilometers northeast of Poro. Tulang is located of the northern tip of Pacijan.

Pacijan Island

Pacijan has the only white sand beaches on the Camotes and is where most of the places to stay are located.
San Francisco the main town on Pacijan Island stands at one end of the long land bridge and mangrove forest that runs all way across to Poro Island. San Fran has a lively market, a church, a giant basketball complex, a pretty little town square and plenty of colorful murals.

Lake Danao and Danao Fisheries
The Carmen Lake Danao Fisheries Complex is on the southern bank of Lake Danao behind the town of Union (oon-yon). The fishery performs research different water fish. The fish are farmed in floating pens by the lake’s edge, where there are nice views to be had.

Esperanza is Pacijan second largest town and has a main street lined with yellow painted pot plants. The town runs along a white sand beach strewn with fishing boats. Esperanza has a school, a church, shops and a basketball court.

Sleeping and Eating
Santiago Bay Garden and Resort has a cheerful family atmosphere with lots of locals and music. Basic rooms are on the hillside overlooking a vast, crescent shaped bay with a white beach. The water in the bay is very shallow and tides are consequently massive. The resort is fronted by a terraced restaurant with wonderful views.
Mangodlong Rock Resort it occupies a postcard perfect, private cove with a small beach and good snorkeling. it is also comprises deluxe, native style rooms, a thatched-roof bar and restaurant and cute mushroom cottages that have been built on the rocky outcrops at the water edge.
Green Lake Park and Restaurant is a friendly place with nice views of the lake and has a good Filipino food.

Poro Island
Poro is the best lesser of the two main island. It lacks the beaches of Pacijan and there’s nowhere really to stay or eat, though if you have an off road bike its forested hills have better touring.

AltaVista and Mount Three Peaks
Is the serene plateau that has a comfort room, a small treehouse and three other open cottages, that make up the Camotes highest region are Elijan, Kaban-kaban and Kantomaro.

Ponson Island
There are two towns in Ponson; Pilar and Kawit. Kawit is the more picturesque of the two, lovely long, white sand beach.

The predominant industries on the Camotes Island are farming fishing and tourism. The word camotes is Mexican for sweet potatoes. Porohanon or Camotes Visayan is spoken in the town of Poro only. The dialect is very similar to the dialect of Cebuano which is spoken in the rest of Camotes islands and throughout the province of Cebu.

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