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The tropical place of Bantayan Island

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Bantayan Island
Bantayan Island
is an island in the Philippines located at the western portion of the northern tip of Cebu. It is politically a part of the province of Cebu. The Bantayan Island busy administrative center was the bantayan town. The town centers on the large plaza, close which is the market, a pier and the care-worn, coral stone Peter and Paul Church which is every Easter is the focus religious processions that attracts the faithful from all over the Philippines.
This island is composed of three municipalities: Bantayan, Madridejos and Santa Fe.
Bantayan is a 2nd class municipality on Bantayan Island in the province of Cebu. It is the island’s most populous town. It is bordered to the north by Madridejos and to the southeast by the Santa Fe. Bantayan Island is geographically in the center of the Philippines. It is located at the northwestern side of Cebu and northeastern of Negros Oriental. It is a town of Cebu and is about 80 miles from Cebu City. The Bantayan dialect is a mixture of native Cebuano, Ilonggo, Waray, Masbateño and Boholano, but it has words it can call its own such as “kakyop, sara, kag buwas” means yesterday, today and tomorrow. Bantayan Island is considered as Cebu’s fishing ground where shiploads and boatloads of the fish are transported daily to Cebu City and Negros. Bantayan is administratively subdivided into 25 barangays; atop-atop, Baigad, Baod, Binaobao, Balidbid, Kabac, Doong, Hilotongan, Guiwanon, Kabangbang, Kampingganon, Kangkaibe, Lipayran, Luyongbaybay, Mojon, Obo-ob, Patao, Putian, Sillon, Sungko, Suba, Sulangan, Tamiao, Bantigue, and Ticad.
Madridejos is a 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu. It is one of the three municipalities that make up the island of bantayan located on the western [portion of the northern tip of mainland Cebu. It is bounded on the south by the municipality of Bantayan and on all other side by the Visayan Sea. Lawis was the old name of Madridejos. The town feast day is celebrated annually on December 8. The main industries of madridejos are fishing, poultry and tourism. Madridejos earned the name of Little Alaska of the Philippines and as the matter of fact the first canning factory in the country was established in Madridejos. Madridejos is associated with the name Bantayan being a part of Bantayan Island as it shares only more eight square miles of the total land area of Bantayan Island. Madridejos is administratively subdivided into 14 barangays; Bunakan, Kangyawan, Kaongkod, Kodia, Maalat, Malbago, Mancilang, Pili, Poblacion, San Agustin, Tabagak, Talangnan, Tarong, Tugas.
Santa Fe is a 5th class municipality on Bantayan Island province of Cebu. The town can be reached by ferry from Hagnaya Wharf in San Remegio Cebu. Santa Fe is one of the most crowded municipalities during Holy Week; it caters to a number of tourist and locals that spends their holiday in the island of bantayan. Santa Fe is administratively subdivided into 10 barangays; Hagdan, Hilantagaan, Kinatarkan, Langub, Maricaban, Okoy, Poblacion, Balidbid, Pooc, Talisay. People will come to relaxed, bucolic little town of Santa Fe on the southern coast of Bantayan Island, for its exquisite white sand beaches and low key resorts.
There is no decent snorkeling around Bantayan Island although you will go to the Virgin Island.

Places of sleeping and eating in Santa Fe
St. Bernard Beach Resort on a narrow lot in the middle of Ocoy village. This resort has wonderfully eccentric, circular thatched-roofed cottages with polished wood, throw rugs and lace curtains. The view across to Hilantagaan is superb.
Joy Beach Resort a little out of town this is the Robinson Crusoe option it has four very simple and rudimentary cottages and a rickety tree house are right smack on a lovely stretch of beach.
Hoyohoy Villas it is six rice granary inspired stilt houses combine traditional design principals, a Japanese aesthetic, antique, furnishing and modern comforts.
Marlin Beach Resort has a terrific location, a great stretch of sand and luxe rooms but lack real character. Air-con rooms have cable TV and sea view balcony.
Kota Beach this is mixed bag. Rooms as opposed to cottages are in a drab. The cottages are plain but well kept, the front row have air-con and beach views while the back row are set in a lush, green garden. The restaurant serves reasonable Filipino dishes.
Budyong Beach Resort has a pleasant nipa huts under the palm trees on the sand, with balconies facing the water. It is very popular with local tourist and groups.
Yooneek Beach Resort it is next to Budyong this is a flash newcomer has two blocks of motel like rooms with cold water bathrooms and balconies that face the opposite block rather than the beach.
Sugar Beach Resort it has basic beach shacks in the shade, set back from the beach on a vast allotment. There is no restaurant.
Ogtong Cave Resort is a semi-exclusive resort with guard on the gate and a high perimeter fence. The crowd puller here is the Ogtong cave a small subterranean cave with fresh water bathing has standard cottages vary in size, but all are well appointed and have a hot water bathroom. The air-con rooms have sea view. The ambience is slightly diminished by a rubbish heap in clear view restaurant.
Fairview Resort known by locals as Far view because it sits inland on a hill in the southern fringes of the town, this is not a place for beach lovers or the gregarious the value proposition here is great views, cheap, super-sized rooms and free use of a motorbike.
Bantayan Cottages is a newly established cottage. It has five cottages, four cottages that good for two and one cottage for good in family and group. It is surrounded by the tropical plants and different kind of plants and orchids. It is 1 minute walking into the beach and 5 minutes walking into the market. The rooms are well maintain clean and has air con and has ordinary water in each bathroom. It good for relaxing due to the quite ambience and wonderful surroundings. You can also bring food and can cook in the main building for free.
Balikbayan Restaurant probably the best food in the town center at the best prices, balikbayan has a good range of salads, pastas and pizza and cozy booths for dining.
Marisquera O’ Portuguese Bar and Restaurant on the main street opposite in the Blue Ice, this is a cheery restobar decked out with Christmas lights and flags.
Blue Ice is in the main street, it is a Scandinavian owned. This restaurant has a decent seafood and a pleasant shaded courtyard for drinking.

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