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Boracay is an island of the Philippines; the island comprises the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag and Yapak and is under the administrative control of the Philippine Tourism Authority in coordination with the Provincial Government of Aklan.
Boracay Island was originally home to the Ati tribe. Boracay is part of Aklan Province.

Boracay Island is located off the northwest corner of Panay Island and belongs to the Western Visayas island group or Region VI of the Philippines.
Boracay’s two primary tourism beaches, White Beach and Bulabog Beach are located on opposite sides of the island’s narrow central area. White Beach faces westward and Bulabog faces eastward. The island also has several other beaches.

White Beach is the main tourism beach. It is about four a kilometer long is lined with resorts, hotels, lodging houses, restaurant and other tourism related businesses.
Bulabog Beach across the island from White Beach is a secondary tourism beach and Boracay’s main windsurfing and kite boarding area.

Boracay is divided for land use and conservation purposes into 400 hectares of presented forestland and 628.96 hectares of agricultural land.

Boracay is served by two airports in aklan province: Kalibo International Airport in Kalibo and Godofredo P. Ramos Airport commonly referred to as Caticlan Airport in Caticlan.


Dave’s Straw Hat Inn has modern cottages with nipa roofs and sliding glass doors around a neat little garden.
Melinda’s Garden is set in a leafy garden down the same path as Orchids Resort and is highly recommended. Simple nipa huts have porches with hammocks and clean modern bathrooms.
Orchids Resort is another popular budget choice with well maintained rooms in a two storey nipa building, several stand alone native cottages and a small bar set around a quite little garden.
B and B Beach Resort is a white concrete building with nipa roofs, thatched bamboo interiors with modern bathrooms and small porches are set on a long tree and flower lined walkway.
Blue Lily Villa was under renovation at the time of posting.
Villa Camilla this is friendly resort, rooms are set back from the beach path and there’s a little pool in the back with a swim up bar. The deluxe rooms with kitchenettes and fancy TV’s are good deals and sleep up to four.
Surfside Boracay Resort some of the rooms here have four poster beds with brightly colored linens; the large wood floored suite with small dining area is especially attractive.
Frendz Resort a backpacker friendly resort down a long narrow dirt road off the beach. There are 15 well kept native style cottages with marble floored bathrooms, cable TV and hot water upon request.
Saigon Beach Resort cozy bamboo cottages with small porches all on one side of a palm tree lined path off the beach road.
Angol Point Beach Resort this resort has large, leafy, slightly unkempt grounds, with eight octagonal bamboo cottages.
Casa Pilar Beach Resort has several categories of rooms; the cheapest are rustic and basic, the more expensive deluxe rooms are spotless bamboo huts with nice balconies.
Villa de Oro it’s worth selling out for the higher priced Indonesian inspired cottages with porches and stone and bamboo bathrooms set in nicely landscaped garden.
Sunset Beach Resort this place is 20 m down the lane north of Villa de Oro has both native style and tiled rooms with a small terrace.
Acanthus Resort it’s certainly the most private and exclusive resort with only six rooms, perfect for honeymooners. Each suite combines high end modern amenities with traditional Balinese inspired design and art.
Mandala Spa has several gorgeous villas made of teak bamboo with cogon grass roofs. Each has a beautiful bathtub and out doors shower with stone walls.
Friday’s Boracay is simultaneously quaint and luxurious, charming and extremely well run. The cottages with private verandas and hammocks look like tree houses.
Sea Wind the rooms are some of the nicest on the island especially the beautiful designed suites, full of antiques, wood carvings and paintings.
Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Beach Resort the Balinese style bamboo and nipa cottages have huge rooms and balconies with benches; they are easily the most elegant fan cooled rooms on the island.
Escondido Resort the rooms in this low slung peach colored buildings have character though with dark wood floors and seashell filled lamps.
Le Soleil de Boracay Hotel this boutique style hotel brings a little bit of the Mediterranean to Southeast Asia.
3-5-7 Boracay rooms at this small boutiques resort have wood floors and modern tiled bathrooms. The nicest rooms have four poster bamboo canopy beds.
Hey Jude is this three storey attractive white building. Each tastefully done room has nice wood beds and a private porch as well as little touches like flowers on the beds that make it an especially attractive choice.
Waling-Waling Beach Hotel Boracay rooms are less than spectacular generally more motel than luxury resort though each does have a few wood details.
Tonglen Beach Resort the well kept grounds of this peaceful resort extend far back from the entrance. The bright two storey concrete buildings with nipa roof contain modern nicely furnished rooms and the pool area is particularly pleasant.
Nami Boracay offers privacy and breathtaking views. All of the luxury top floor rooms have their own outdoor Jacuzzis and the restaurant has an electric menu serving everything from Filipino to Italian to Asian fusion and burgers and burritos.
Boracay Terraces has an enviable location tucked against a rocky point at the far northern end of the beach with almost zero traffic.

White beach path is one big food court half the fun of dining is taking a walk around sunset and checking out the sites, smells, menus and other people along the path.
La Capinnina Italian Restaurant Café and wine Bar specializes in creative Italian cooking with regularly updated specials and pastas, pizza and desserts.
Restaurant Banza serves the freshest seafood, with an emphasis on quality, flavor oil and garlic.
Pizzeria Floremar this place at the very southern end of the beach does fantastic pizza probably the best in Boracay.
Sulu Thai Restaurant is an unassuming eatery with a thick menu with helpful photos of all the dishes, including seafood entrees.
La Reserve Restaurant is to be the best restaurant in Boracay, it is certainly the priciest. It serves continental cuisine and seafood such as green lobster and royal crabs.
Friday’s Boracay has a different set menu every night of the week but perhaps the best night of all is appropriately enough the Friday barbecue which is a feast of sushi, sashimi and grilled meats and fish.
Mañana Mexican Cuisine serves big tasty dishes such as burritos, tortillas and top of the line fruit shake.
Pomodoro Italian Cuisine this restaurant is nothing more than a few tables set out on a sandy platform in front of the Blue Lilly Villa.
Steakhouse Boracay the service is good as are the imported steaks and Californian, German and Australian wines.
Aria Restaurant has a prime people watching location on the beach path at D’Mall entrance; it has a stylish and modern dining room and cooks Italian and continental cuisine dishes.
Summer Place keeps all ingredients fresh and quickly replenished.
Boracay Regency Restaurant this stylish hotel restaurant has outdoor seating and a large menu where you can choose from Korean or Japanese specialties like bibimbap.

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Kalibo is primarily an alternative port of entry to Boracay and the site of raucous Ati-Atihan Festival. The city is thought to have been founded around 1250 by Malay settlers from Borneo.

Bakhawan Eco-tourism Center and mangrove Park the base for a 70 hectare mangrove reforestation area. The area was originally mangrove but due to bad land use it deteriorated to mudflats which have since been naturally reclaimed by the land. It’s a thriving ecosystem providing the community with many valuable dietary and economic resources.

Kalibo is the center for many types of weaving such as pinya cloth weaving an 8th century tradition that produces fine cloth from silk and pineapple leaf fibers; abaca weaving from banana seeds, producing a stiff cloth and nito weaving a sturdy vine that is woven into stiff baskets and mats. The pinya cloth is still used for producing barong the traditional formal wear for man but all methods are employed for producing modern designs popular with the European market.

In January the fantastic Ati-Atihan Festival is held. The nation’s biggest and best mardi grass it possibly dates back to the days o the Borneo setters. Its week long street party raging from sun up to sun down and peaking on the third Sunday of January.


Beachcomber Inn Kalibo walking distance of shops and the mall, the Beachcomber is a friendly and professional place that will help with ticketing. Rooms are small, marble floored and furnished with wicker and bamboo.
La Esperanza Hotel this is a good choice for those desiring a little quite and professional service. More expensive room has hot water and bath tub.
B@H Traveller’s Inn and Garcia Legaspi Mansion both have clean modern accommodation near the city center.

Eating and Entertainment
Nakon Thai Restaurant this place serving up good Thai cuisine on the road past the capital building.
Mezzanine Café and Restaurant has up tempo décor and a permanently set-up stage for the Friday night live music. The dishes are good and cheap and include noodles, burgers, pizza and Filipino and Chinese dishes.
Everyday’s Friday Bistro a good place for a drink and a game pool.
New Peking House Restaurant an unassuming eatery serving fine Chinese food.
MM’s Pizza is little hole in the wall pizzeria across from the gaisano Mall and PAlmeros does good sizzling meat rest easy since there’s Jollibee fans will rest easy since there’s near Pastrana Park.

Near the town of tangalan between kalibo and Caticlan is a 375 hectare marine sanctuary established in 2o003 through the efforts of a locally inspired ecotourism project. Colorful species of coral and fish, sea snakes, turtles and dolphins are once again thriving near Pungtod reef which has not long ago decimated by dynamite and cyanide fishing, a 10 hectare area within the marine sanctuary is due to open for diving and snorkeling in May 2006.

All accommodation is on the tranquil white sand beach nearby barangay of Jawili. The resorts will prepare food upon request.
Modern Wassenaar Beach Resort is 3km west of town proper and plans to open up a dive facility.

Caticlan is little more than a departure port for Boracay. Busses arriving here carry passengers straight to the wharf and guides lead through a smart pavilion onto outrigger boats.

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Around Negros Occidental

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Around Negros Occidental
The sugar plantation surround Silay have their own colorful histories.
The Hawaiian Philippine Sugar Company is only 15 minute ride by jeepney north of Silay.
There’s also historical paraphernalia on display at the huge Victorias Milling Company in the town of Victorias was the worlds biggest mill during the 60’s and 70’s and is the site of the Church of St Joseph the worker which features a claustrophobically dense liturgical mural by Alfonso Ossorio a contemporary of Jackson Pollock. No shorts, sandals or cameras are allowed at the Victorias.
Patag National Park about 32km east of Silay was the site of a horrendous battle during World War II.

About 65km from Bacolod, Cadiz is a rough and ready fishing port and exit point for all that Negros sugar. The city’s annual Ati-atihan Festival is honor of patron saint Santo Niño is held on the weekend nearest 26 January.
There is good accommodation at Hotel Cadiz; it has large well kept rooms, a restaurant and even tennis courts.

Sagay City is a combination of Old Sagay on the coast, and new Sagay on the national highway.
Sagay is the period guardian of the 32, 000 hectare Sagay Marine Reserve established in 1999 to protect one of the only areas on Negros still teeming with marine life. The sanctuary is centered on Carbin Reef, about 15 km northeast of old Sagay.
Also here is Maca Reef where flocks of migratory birds are a common sight.

Escalante and Around
Like neighboring Sagay, Escalante is a city of two parts- with Old Escalante on the coast and New Escalante on the highway. City hall, town plaza, the bus terminal and Equitable PCI bank are all in New Escalante; Danao Port, from where the boats to Cebu leave is in Old Escalante.

Sights and Activities
The hills around Escalante abound with caves-more than 50 at last count many of which were used by the Japanese as hide outs in World War II.
In Old Escalante two minutes past the turnoff to port Danao are ruins of Escalante’s old church, St Francis of Assisi Parish. Built of coral stone by the Spanish in 1850, its roof was destroyed by a typhoon in the 1960’s.
The little Isla Puti is a 20 minute pump boat ride from Escalante approachable from Vito Port, Old Sagay and has attractive white sand beaches.

Festivals and Events
Escalante celebrates two major festivals; one on 30 of May when the town celebrates its patron, Santa Cruz with a colorful street party; and the other, on 20 of September to remember the massacre of 20 sugarcane workers by soldiers during an industrial dispute.
Sleeping and eating
Rodeway Inn opposite the pretty town plaza, the rodeway is a friendly and efficient family run operation with comfortable and secure accommodation.
There is accommodation on Isla Puti at Jamabo Island Paradise Beach Resort which also has a restaurant tennis court and water sports facilities. The resort has no food.

San Carlos
San Carlos is the main port city connecting Negros and Cebu. The place is not overflowing with charm, but its fine for an overnight stay.
Cyber print Internet Café on a street off the plaza, is cool and quite and has a fast connection
The city is famed for its annual Pintaflores Festival held from 3 to 5 of November. This particularly frenetic street festival harks back to the days when Filipinos would welcome foreign visitors by dancing en masse.
Sipaway Island is white sand and coral outcrop about 4km off the coast of San Carlos. About 7 km long and about 1.5km wide, the island has a couple of basic stores a free public swimming pool and some good walking trails.
Whispering Palms Island Resort on Sipaway Island has a fairly characteristics collection of apartment style rooms, a Filipino restaurant and the usual assortment of beachside diversions.
Skyland hotel and Restaurant halfway between the pier and the bus terminal has spotless rooms and decent food.

Sipalay and Around
About 200km from both Bacolod and Dumaguete, the remote seaside town of Sipalay is surrounded by spectacular white sand beaches, secluded coves, scattered islets, dive reefs and waters teeming with marlin, trevally and tuna.
The diving around Sipalay is some of the best in Negros. It’s particularly suited to inexperienced or learner drivers.

Sipalay Proper
The sprawling town of Sipalay services surrounding farming communities and the fisherman whose bats pull up on its vast, white sand beach.
The main street of Sipalay proper is Alvarez St, which runs east-west. At the far end of Alvarez St are the markets the bus stop and Poblacion Beach.
Sipalay’s annual Sacred Heart of Jesus Fiesta is held in late in December.
Driftwood City Restaurant is affiliated with Driftwood Village Resort in Sugar Beach and serves up tasty Italian treats by the sea.

Punta Ballo
The barangay of Punta Ballo is on a promontory 6km southwest of Sipalay proper. The turn off for Punt Ballo is at the town plaza, on the left as you come into town.
Around the headland to the south Campomanes Bay is a spectacular steep sided natural harbor with as yet no resorts or accommodation.

Sleeping and Eating
Artistic Diving Beach Resort the original and still the best. Artistic has large, comfortable row cottages set in well tended garden by the beach. The resort has the longest running dive center in Sipalay.
Easy Diving Beach Resort artistic near neighbor is trying to carve out a niche for itself by going for a more unmarked crowd, with a swish, native style terrace bar and air-con in all rooms.
Nataasan Beach Resort perched high on the point at the northern end of the beach. Sea views cabins are definitely worth the extra. Buildings are plush native style with all modern amenities.

Sugar Beach
Sugar beach is just north of Sipalay proper beside the village of Lauhang. It is a handful of electric, home spun resorts, a beach that really does rival Boracay’s and a western orientation that makes every sunset one to remember. Sugar Beach has to be the Philippines best kept secret.

Bermuda Resort rooms are not as wacky as those at Takatuka but there still eccentric by any normal standard.

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The place of Moalboal

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is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Cebu. Moalboal is located 89 kilometers from Cebu City. Moalboal is nestled between the towns of Alcantara and Badian. The dominant language of the town is Cebuano. Moalboal is a peninsula and such as it is a town almost entirely surrounded by water. Majority of the people who live in the flat lands engage in fishing as their main mode of livelihood.
Moalboal has a spring where many of the locals get their water. Moalboal is administratively subdivided into 15 barangays; Agbalanga, Bala, Balabagon, Basdiot, Batadbatad, Bugho, Buguil, Busay, Lanao, Poblacion East, Poblacion West, Saavedra, Tomonoy, Tuble, Tunga.

The 20m high Kawasan Falls lies about 20km south of Moalboal, inland from Badian.
Most of the dive centers on Moalboal are affiliated with resorts. Like the following dive canters Savedra Dive Center, Sea Explorers, and Visaya Divers. A couple of dive centers that are unaffiliated are Blue Abyss Dive Shop and Neptune Diving.

Sleeping in Moalboal
The accommodation on Panagsama beach ranges from budget to midrange. The bigger resorts all have dive centers on site that may be contracted through the resort.
Quo Vadis Beach Resort is situated on a large lot with great beach access. Spacious and well appointed twin rooms and cottages have queen-sized beds and rattan furnishings. Top-of the range rooms have Arista Restaurant and dive center Visaya Divers.
Love’s Lodge is excellent positioning on the quite southern end of the beach. it is motel style standard rooms have hot-water bathroom and windows larger deluxe rooms have air-con. This place is affiliated with Sea Explores dive center.
Savedra Beach Resort it is bright and cherry, Spanish mansion style rooms all have starched, linen. Fridge, coffee facilities, hot water bathrooms and private balconies over the water. It’s affiliated with Savedra Dive Center.
Coral’s Palm Court it has plain, white rooms that are bit rough the edges but there’s no going past the lovely beachfront balcony with its prime views.
Sunshine Pension House is a big resort style place with large excellent value rooms and cottages.
Mollie’s Place is fronted by a relaxed little bar. It is cheap, liveable fan rooms and slightly better air-con rooms in run down concrete complex.
Pacita’s Resort is occupying a huge beachfront lot in the middle of Panagsama Beach. Pacita’s is a sprawling concrete eyesore though which you must pass to get to southern end of the beach.
Marina Beach Club Resort has cheap huts with fan and cold water bathroom and pricier ones with air-con. Big, plain, tiled rooms with hot water, fridge and coffee facilities.
Sumisid Lodge is a cozy, homely place with native-style rooms and all have views. Air-con rooms front the lobby.
Eve’s Kiosk is away from the beach. The rooms are small and plain and token pool is very small.
Asian Belgian Resort and Dive Center this is a quite, family run that has a great view, the native rooms have cold water bathrooms. The dive center has very good value open water diving course and with have an experienced instructor.
Most place to stay have restaurant, and most are open for all meals at the Panagsama beach, Hannah’s Place has the finest seaside terrace in Moalboal and easily the best seafood.
Filling Station is famous for its breakfast, the muesli with fruit and creamy natural yogurt is perfect balance restorer after a lechon overdose.
Italian Corner has good, traditional Italian pizzas.

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Malapascua Island

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Malapascua Island
Malapascua Island is situated in the Visayan Sea located across a shallow strait from the northernmost tip of Cebu Island. The island was first known for its wide sand beach.
This little island off Cebu’s northern tip has been growing steadily more famous over the years for its long white beaches, has great food and low key approach to tourism. Divers are spoilt with three wreck dives, the marine sanctuary of Gato Island a famous sea snake breeding ground and almost daily appearances of the otherwise rarely sighted thresher’s shark off Monad Shoal. The simple villages of malapascua blend seamlessly with resort and are big factor in the island charm. The people of the town are almost invariably friendly and welcoming.
There are two main beaches on Malapascua both are located at the southern end of the island on the southern and western flanks of the main town of Logon and both have beautiful, long stretches of white sand.
Bounty beach is where the majority of resorts and dive centers are located.
Poblacion beach has only one resort and a couple of restobars. A couple of resorts occupy the rock coves between the two beaches.
The most popular dive off in Malapascua is Monad Shoal here you can see the thresher sharks. The plateau where the sharks congregate is at 25m depth, 15 minutes by pump boat from Bounty Beach and the best time for sightings is early in the morning.

Sleeping in Malapascua and Beach Resorts
Logon Beach Resort it is located on a high rocky point overlooking a private cove. This is an ideal honeymooners resort. Balconied huts face the sunset and have a wonderful view.
Blue Corals Resort it is tiled monster with bright flashing lights that is completely out of sympathy with its surroundings but it views over the water. It could be a foretaste of things to come.
Malapascua Blue water Resort situated in a large lot stretching a long way back, Blue water Resort has stale-smelling cottages on the beach and generator infused cheaper rooms out the back. It has 24 hour electricity.
Cocobana Beach Resort is in the middle of Bounty Beach it has comfy cottages, 24 hour electricity, a bar and a decent restaurant.
Hippocampus Beach Resort has a rather crowded conglomeration of cottages just off the beach as well as 2nd storey rooms out of the front is a little bar with a lovely pergola that’s a perfect place for watching the boats come in.
Malapascua Exotic Dive and Beach Resort it is located in the quite easterly beach, exotic is very much a self contained resort and as luxurious as it gets on Malapascua.
It houses is the oldest and probably the dive centers on the island. A beach front is a restobar and a 24 hour generator.
Mangrove Oriental is a handful luxurious Mediterranean style cottages spaced out on a lovely terraced hillside. The hillside is planted with lush, tropical garden and affords a good view over the water. On one side of the property is a modest beach; on the other is a tiny lagoon of mangrove trees.
Los Bamboos this is a simple place, cheerful, largely bamboo resort is on promontory on the northern tip of the island.
Sunsplash Resort is also into the hotel business, it is comfy, Spanish mission style rooms are back from the beach and are a bit pricey as such but are not a bad option if you like your comforts. Rooms have TV and hot water.
Eating and Drinking in Malapascua
La Isla Bonita the food here are rated the best on the island. It serves up a range of fresh, quality ingredients cooked in a variety of styles but always in care.
Ging-ging’s Garden Restaurant set in the pretty garden in Logon village. It is offers the very best economy dining in the island.
Coco Maldito it is a loungy, tropical style restobar the size of z barn that sticks to the tried-and true formula of pizza, beer and shooters, loud music, sports telecast, pool tables and skimpily dressed bar staff.

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Mactan Island

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Mactan Island is connecting to Cebu City by the Mandaue- Mactan Bridge the old bridge and the Marcelo B Fernan the new bridge. This island is one of the improbable sites of the defining moments in the Philippines. There is you can see the Mactan Shrine that the symbol of the fight between Magellan and Lapu-lapu. You can see also the Lapu-lapu statue the chief rajah of Mactan that defend the island into Magellan.
Mactan is famous for its handmade guitars and for its diving. There are many dive sites that you can contact. There are two districts in Mactan’s accommodation the east and the west that nothing in between. Abundo is the guitar town in the center of Mactan.
The West Coast
The west coast is where you can find the Mactan Cebu International Airport and the Mactan’s main metropolis of Lapu-lapu. There are also many hotels that can offer you a good accommodation.
Hotel Cesario offers budget rooms with a great peak, there is sauna and pool that is free for use.
Bellavista Hotel is the next door to Hotel Cesario it is a rooftop bar, restaurant and health club. They served also Filipino and international meals in their restaurant.
Days Hotel the rooms are large and there is also spa, a continental breakfast and a daily newspaper is also included.
Majestic is favorite with locals for the seafood’s and Chinese cuisine, featuring also the salad that is having a great value.
Gaisano Mactan Mall it is the town center.
The East Coast
Club Kon Tiki it is owned and operated by the 7 seas Aquanauts, it is the best budget option on Mactan and has a great dive facilities. They have Spartan rooms with fibro walls and a nice bar with sea views and the house beach that for snorkeling.
Bahia Resort Hotel it is offers fusty motel style rooms and there are also a private three pools and lagoon.
Plantation Bay Resort and Spa this is spectacular designed private paradise that is sited on a 3.5 hectare artificial saltwater lagoon, big enough to house living coral ponds, waterfalls, beaches and a floating restaurant.
Shangri-La’s Mactan Island Resort is a best camp for the honeymooners, conferences, a package tourist and the super rich and most of all it is the most luxury resort living. These resorts are a 350m private beach cove, six holes golf course, multilevel swimming pool, shopping arcade and the famous grande buffet.
Sutukil this place is offers the freshest sea food on the island.

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The Queen City of the South “CEBU”

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Cebu is the mostly densely populated island in the Philippines and is it
second only to Luzon in its strategic and economic importance to the country.
The language here is Cebuano that is widely spoken and also the part of Luzon.
Cebu City is the capital of the visayas. It is a magnet for migrants from all over the region.
Cebu has a most population to the coastal fringe. It has mining, logging forest, exploring the mountains and the caves and also waterfalls.
The beaches also are have the whitest sand and have the most spectacular diving spot.
Cebu City has the nation’s busiest port and it’s the second busiest airport and it is also the gateway to Visayas. Cebu City is the largest city and economic hub of the province.
This island has the most domestic air and shipping and cargo vessels in the Philippines.
The island has a major industrial, commercial, trade and education system. Cebu is an excellent industrial record and now the fastest growing economy in the Philippines.
Cebu is the home to some national international corporations like AAA Commercial Broker and Consultancy Inc, Ayala Corporation,, Gaisano Group Companies, Aboitiz Group of Companies, WG and A, Norkis Group of Companies, Bigfoot International, Affiliated Computer Services, Lexmark Philippines Inc, Lhuillier Jewelers and among others. Cebu is also full of bakeshops, offering a reliable source of fresh bread rolls, cakes and buns.

Between the 13th and 16th century Cebu is known as Zubu or Sugbo was an island inhabited by the Hindu, animist and Muslim a tribal groups that ruled by the Rajahs and Datus. It was the kingdom of the defunct Rajah Nate of Cebu, was a native kingdom which used to exist in Cebu prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. It was founded by Sri Lumay or known as Rajamuda Lumaya a native prince of the Chola dynasty.
Ferdinand Magellan was sailed in the port of Cebu on April 7, 1521 and he was dead at the hand of warrior chief Lapu-lapu on Mactan Island.
Datu Lapu-lapu is a native king in the Mactan Island is a rival of the rajahs of Cebu.
The image of Santo Niño de Cebu or Holy Child Jesus of Cebu is the oldest Christian image in the Philippines is enshrined and venerated at the Basilica of Santo Niño.
The statue of the Santo Niño was given by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan to the wife of the Rajah of Cebu.
Cebu has a Roman Catholic Archdiocese and has a several major of churches including the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño de Cebu, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Santo Rosario Parish Church, San Jose Recoletos Church, Sacred Heart Church, Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, National Shrine of Our Lady of the Rule, National Shrine of Saint Joseph, Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Cebu and other Christian churches, as well as several other non-catholic churches, mosque and temples.

Cebu City has a long history of changing its streets names.
Colon Street is the oldest street in the country.
There are also many streets, avenues, drives and boulevards using the same name such as Osmeña or Ramos.
Cebu is the main educational institute in the central region of the country. It has several large universities each with number of college branches throughout Cebu City and more than a dozen other schools and universities specializing in various courses such as Medicine, Engineering, Nautical courses, Nursing, Law, Computer and IT and other professions.

Sights in Cebu
Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño is the holiest church and a real survivor, it was built in 1565 and brunt down three times, and it was rebuilt in its present form in 1737.
The church was founded by an Augustinian priest, Andres de Urdaneta on April 28, 1565.
This church is the home of Santo Niño de Cebu.
Fort San Pedro was built in 1565 by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi a conqueror of the Philippines. Fort San Pedro has served as an army garrison, a rebel strong holds, a prison camp and the city zoo. This days, it’s was a retired peaceful, walled garden and handsomely crumbling ruin.
Magellan’s Cross is Ferdinand Catholic legacy, a large wooden cross, is housed in a stone rotunda that is built in 1841 across the Cebu City Hall. The crucifix shows here apparently contains a few splinters from a cross Magellan planted on the shores of Cebu in 1521. A painting on the ceiling of the rotunda shows Magellan erecting the cross.
Carbon Market is the oldest and biggest produce market in Cebu where you can find racks of clothes and baskets smuggle cheek-by-jowl with stalls of fish, live chickens and drying intestines. This is an urban living place.
Casa Gorordo Museum is a quieter residential area, is one of the hidden gems of Cebu City. It is originally a private home; it was built in the 1850’s and purchased by the Gorordos, one of the leading families in Cebu. The lower part of the house has walls of Mactan coral stone. The house incorporates principals of feng shui, owing to the Chinese ancestry of Gorordo matriarch. The items that are displays are antique mostly the furniture and photos.
Butterfly Sanctuary one of the first place in Cebu residents, it is a place were you expect butterflies to hang around from branches and leaves and all over the garden. The best time in viewing is the morning and the best year of visiting is from June to February, when the butterflies are breeding.
Taoist Temple is in the northern hills overlooking into the city, it is a symbol of the city large and prosperous ethnic Chinese population. The architecture is functional and austere by the Chinese standards. It has a great view on the top.
Tops Lookout this is a modernist, fortress like viewing deck provides spectacular views especially at sunrise or sunset.

The Cebu’s biggest event is the Sinulog it was the biggest annual festival or celebration that draws pilgrims from around the Philippines. The Sinulog or Fiesta Senyor is the feast of Santo Niño. It is celebrated on the third Friday of January and is marked a colorful procession venerated image of Santo Niño.
The word Sinulog is a Visayan term for a dance that imitates the rhythm of the river.

Sleeping in Cebu
Kukuk’s Nest Pension House a tired old wooden building at the end of a long court yard offering simple rooms with paper thin walls and bamboo furnishing.
Pensionne La Florentina is an attractive older style building on a quite street around the corner from Kukuk’s. It is a family-run place that is a great uptown budget option.
C’est La Vie Pension it is an excellent value, on a quite street that has a very large comfortable rooms.
Shamrock Pension House is a perfect place for those who want cheap and charmless accommodation in the thick of uptown.
Mayflower Pension House is near in the Capitol building, the fan rooms are the best value here.
Teo-Fel Pension House offers small, aqua colored rooms with windows and rattan furnishings. On the ground floor is the little Café Felicidad.
Cebu Regal Pension House this place is very bit good value, the rooms are clean and freshly painted and all have windows.
Fuente Pension House is an imposing multistorey hotel; this is popular midrange place in the uptown area.
La Casa Rosario this is a squeaky clean establishment with friendly service and large, brightly painted rooms at a good price.
Kiwi Lodge is located on the quite street within walking distance from Ayala Center and SM City, it is clean, light rooms that are good value and there is also a restaurant-bar on the ground floor.
Diplomat Hotel is a quite, safe choice, the staff are profession and at your service. The standards rooms are well priced and spotless clean with safe and minibar.
Cebu Grand Hotel was in the east of the Capitol Site this is nevertheless a very good hotel spotless, comfortable room and has a great view.
West Gorordo Hotel is a cloying nice hotel, with pink floral wall paper in the halls and dowdy, tiled rooms with a great view.
Marriott Hotel the rooms are stylish and well-appointed, with most offering good views.
Cebu Midtown Hotel is above ion the Robinson Plaza, the rooms facing the harbor that have a great view.
Waterfront Hotel and Casino has a 24 hour casino and countless food and beverage outlets, discos, gyms, piano, bars and etc.
Our Place is located in the corner of Pelaez and Sanciangko Streets, is a favorite haunt of foreign blokes. It is a cozy, colorful, old style place with a wagon wheels on the windows, bumper stickers and license plates in the walls, as well-stocked bar and a menu ranging from triple-decker pancakes.

Eating places in Cebu
Visayan Restaurant nears in the Hotel Victoria de Cebu and it is offers a big portions of good Filipino and Chinese food.
Sideline Garden Restaurant is a large pagoda in a pretty little park; it is a delightfully ambient restobar with a cheap beers and a decent Filipino food. It is a great place to sit in the afternoon and watch the world go by.
Joven’s grill one of the Cebu better-eat-all-you-can buffets.
Café Intelleto is a great little café or book exchange where you can surf the net. Pastas are the specialty and it is the favorite with students.
Dish this is one of the new breed of slick, designer cafes they serves pan-Asian meals including pad Thai and a sensational coconut curried prawns.
Persian Palate is a popular authentic Indian and Middle East food, the menu includes a large vegetarian selection.
Bo’s Coffee Club it is the Philippines version of Starbucks. It is popular with the young Filipinos and this is the good escape from the streets.
Ayala Center is has an array of decent food outlets.
St. Patrick’s Square is a conveniently placed outdoor mall with a couple of good eateries and an Internet Café.
Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant is a great place to try an authentic native style cuisine. The service is impeccable and the food is presented on a banana leaf that is simply delicious.

Shopping area of Cebu City
Ayala Center is a six storey that you can find most banks, airlines, and tour companies represented here. There are also many boutiques like the European and American, there are also restaurants, bars, health spas, cinemas, fast-food chain and even the child center.
Robinson Place is a small time shopping mall; it has a department store, supermarket, ATM’S, ticketing agencies and a food court.
SM City is located in the north reclamation area, you can organize travel and banking, and cover all other necessities in a place big enough to have its own government and currency. You can find also much information booth to help and navigate your way.
There are also other malls include the Century Plaza Commercial Complex, Colonade Mall, Gaisano Metro, Gaisano South and the Mango Plaza.

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Southeast Luzon places

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Aninuan is just a 15 minute walk from the White beach along the main road.

Aninuan Beach Resort this resort has a pleasant nipa huts and native style rooms with balconies that look out to the sea.


Talipanan falls is a popular place for swimming and there are some great trekking to be done in the nearby mountains like the Mt. Malasibo and the Mt. Talipanan.

Bamboo house is a friendly place with pleasant light filled rooms in a building made of bamboo. There are also concrete rooms in an annexed out of back, the food there is great value.

GM’s Resort is a friendly home stay place with cheery antique décor.


Calapan is the bustling capital of Mindoro Oriental, is a convenient feeder port for Batangas. It is also a good hiking formidable Mt. Halcon and a plenty of adventure in the Apak Outdoor Shop.

Mt. Halcon is the country’s fourth highest mountain and according to the climbers it is the toughest mountain to climb.

Calapan Bay Hotel is very close to the pier and it has a large cheerful room, windows are looking out over the bay.

Microtel Inn and Suites has a helpful staff, comfortable, well kept rooms and has a large pool in lush grounds and a very reasonable priced restaurant.

Anahaw Island View Resort this friendly resort is a good choice, with cute, nautically themed nipa huts and views over the beach.


This is only paved highway in Mindoro. Roxas is a drab town whose presence on the tourist circuit.

The Strong Republic Nautical Highway is the interlocking road sea route that runs trough Luzon, Mindoro, Visayas and Mindanao.

Roxas is the main connector port for Caticlan, Panay. It is also has services to Romblon.

Roxas hotels are all clustered around the market.

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Resorts in Big La Laguna

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Big La Laguna has a nice beach but not real nightlife and restaurants.
La Laguna Beach Club has lovely beachfront, plain, tired looking rooms that are oriented inwards, towards the pool.
Miller’s Corner a humble and pleasant well kept cluster of rooms on the eastern point of the beach that has a great views
Coco Beach Resort is perfect for family bounding; it is idyllic with 96 nipa hut hidden among the palms. There are two pools, tennis courts, all manner of pampering options and a games and activities for the kids.
White Beach is a very popular destination for Filipino holidaymakers.
There is no end of places to stay at white beach.
Coco Aroma has a relaxed charm, cute and rustic nipa huts that are set in a pretty garden at the quite western end of the beach.
Mindorinne Oriental is the most up market place to stay in at White beach, it has a comfortable, motel style rooms and rates the same ground of year.
Lenly’s Beach Resort has a dozen cottages in large grounds at the posh end of the White beach.

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Resorts in Small La Laguna

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El Galleon Beach Resort has charming native style rooms that set in a meandering terraced garden.
Club Mabuhay Resort the building is Spanish mission meets hotel that is still terrific option. Most of the rooms are has a good views across the pool to the sea and there is a relaxed alfresco restaurant that has a great food.
Nick and Sonia’s Cottages has a great value place that has a immaculate rooms and friendly management.
Deep Blue Sea Inn has cleaned rooms and with shared balconies and has an ensuring great view. The restaurant has good cheap meals and brewed coffee.
The Point is strategically placed on the path between Small La Laguna and Sabang.
Full Moon Restaurant has a cheap burgers and Australian steaks and a well stocked bar

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North Coast Resorts in Puerto Galera

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The resort towns around the Puerto Galera each have their own particular characteristics.
Sabang is the biggest, the brashest, the smelliest and the seediest.
Small La Laguna’s beach is much less suspecting the majority of its inhabitants.
Big La Laguna is the cleanest beach of the three resort towns.
New Encenada Beach Resort that is set on a private white sand beach, it include convivial hosts, it has also a pool table, a bar, a dining deck that overlooks into the beach and a dive center.
Kalaw Place this is supremely tasteful native style villa that has a glorious look out into the Puerto Galera. It is an apartment annexes and has a wonderful place to relax.
Tanawin Beach Resort is the most international resort of the north of Puerto Galera; the style is stone and thatch design that includes the architectural delights.
Franklyn Beach Resort it has a comfortable nipa style rooms that has a great views.
Coral Cove Resort and Dive Center has neat comfortable rooms and a small private beach.
Sinandigan Lodge it is located behind the Coral Cove Resort, this place has a lacks views and atmosphere. The rooms are clean and well kept and air-con rooms that have cable TV.

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Information of Places in Ilocos Region

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Ilocos this province is composed of four provinces, the Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, and Pangasinan.  This province is the historical homeland of the Ilocano’s including the former president of the Philippine Ferdinand Marcos.

Ilocos Sur is the province of the Philippine that located in the Ilocos region. Vigan City was the capital. Ilocos Sur is bordered by the Ilocos Norte and Abra to the north, mountain province to the east, La Union and Benquet to the south and the South China Sea is to the west.
Vigan is the best preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia.
The Syquia Mansion was the residence of former president in the Philippine Elpidio Quirino that is located in Vigan. Vigan is an island which is separated from the main land by three bodies of water the Abra River, the Mestizo River and the Govantes River.  There are the hallmarks of historic in this place the Spanish-era mansion, cobblestone and the kalesa which is drove by horse in carriages.
Vigan became the center of the political, religious and commercial activities of the north,
Vigan has a two main square that is located in the near north in the end of the town.
The plaza Salcedo is donated by the St. Paul Cathedral, and the lively plaza in Burgos.
St. Paul Cathedral this church was built in earthquake baroque style.
Mestizo District is the Vigan old town that is popularly known as in the past as Kasanglayan that is contains the largest concentration of the ancestral homes and other colonial-era architecture. Mostly of the colonial mansion here are built by the Chinese merchants by the 19th century.
The Crisologo museum is the Vigan’s most prominent political dynasty that is converted into their home into a strange but interesting family shrine.
Museo San Pablo is recently opened in the St. Paul Cathedral that has a religious theme and is a good place to see the old saints.
The Padre Burgos National Museum is built in 1788, is an ancestral home of Father Jose Burgos, one of the three martyr priest that is executed by the Spanish in 1872.
The Vigan weavers are known for using the Abel is a locally produced cotton fabric.
The Vigan Festival of the Arts is a grand celebration of the town cultural heritage.
There are street dancing, a fashion show, and a kalesa parade.
The Vigan town fiesta was held in the third or fourth week of January.
Grandpa’s Inn is a rustic restaurant and two rooms that style in a kalesa form, the restaurant is a popular late night watering the hole.
Cordillera Inn is located in the right heart of the Mestizo District it is a theme colonial style beds and furniture and a grand wooden staircase.
Gordion Inn its bright blue and yellow façade, the rooms here are basic that has Viganesque touches like an old four poster canopy beds and has a vegetarian restaurant.
Café Leona is serve excellent Japanese and Ilocano specialties and offer different fixed price eat all you can menu.
Vigan is one of the few remaining towns in the Philippines that where the kalesa are still in use.
The Santa Maria Church this is a Unesco World Heritage site that is built on 1769 is a massive baroque structure, is unique in the region.

Ilocos Norte this province is located in the Ilocos Region in Luzon. The capital of this province is Laoag City. This place is the birth place of the former president of the Philippine Ferdinand Marcos. This place is also known as the northern tourist destination of the location of Fort Ilocolandia.
The native Ilocano is a weaver, wood caver and pottery expert. This place is specializing the products and industries, in agriculture rice, corn, garlic, legumes, root crops, tobacco, and fruits and vegetables.
Long before Laoag was established in 1580 with St. William the Hermit as the patron saint, the Chinese and Japanese are visited in the area which is renowned for the gold mines.
The Italian Renaissance style St. William’s Cathedral was built in the 1870’s.
The Museo Ilocos Norte has a large collection of Ilocano, Igorot, and Itneg cultural artifacts.
The Fort Ilocandia is the main attraction of this place. The Fort Ilocandia Resort and Casino is the complex that was originally built by the Marcos family. The rooms and the services here are good and have several restaurants on the premises.
Is where the body of Ferdinand Marcos embalmed, in the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum is laid out on a mattress and lit by the lights in other wise dark room.
Paoay is the famous church home of north Luzon, the Paoay church was built in the classic earthquake baroque style that with a massive brick.
The Malacañang of the north is the opulent former residence of the Marcos family.
This is impressive house with its cavernous sala, capiz-shell windows and other colonial touches that provides a glimpse into the family lavish lifestyle.
Pagudpud is actually consisting of three vast beaches strung along Luzon northern edge and hemmed in by huge points out into the ocean. In the coconut palm is where Saud Beach. The Maira-Ira is known as Blue Lagoon. The Pansian beach is near in the boarder of Cagayan province.
In the Villa Del Mar have a poolside standard rooms that are basic and the deluxe cottages, with stone floor and capiz-shell windows that are loaded with charm.

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Sights and Places in North Luzon

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Lingayen Gulf (leen-gay-en) is the birth place of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal.
This island has a most famous island which is in the Hundred Island National Park.
The main industry here is the fishing and salt making.

Bolinao is a municipality in the province of Pangasinan.
The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse at Patar that is built by the Americans in 1903, this lighthouse still sends signals to vessels that passing by.
The  is only walking distance to Cape Bolinao lighthouse.
The Church of St. James was built by the Augustinians in 1609; there is also a wooden statue on the façade of the church that is very rare in the other church.
El Piscador this hotel is the best deal in the town that has attractive dark wood trim and furniture that is good enough for the two people.
Sundowner is the finest restaurant in Bolinao, it has a third floor rooms that are spotless and private occupied.
Patar Beach
A treasure of Bolinao is a luxury resort that is has marble floors, ocean views and exquisite furniture. There is also pool that is surrounded by the cottages.
Bing’s Beach Resort is the best place that is closet to the White Beach and you can bring your own food in this place.

Hundred Island National Park is coast of Alaminos and 35km southeast of Bolinao.
This friendly park is on the wharf in barangay Lucap. The best way to experience the park is in a tandem kayak. The three most popular islands are Quezon Island, Governor’s Island and Children Island. You can snorkel also and you can find the giant clam that is very rare.

Lingayen is the provincial capital of Pangasinan that known as the site where the US troops came to liberate Luzon in January 1945.
Lingayen comes alive in every May 1 that has a raucous waterborne parade in the celebration of Pista’y Dayat.
The small open restaurant Lingayen Gulf Memorial Museum is on the beach front near in the capital building. This museum contains the pictures of US landing and some interesting photos during the wartime.

San Fabian has many beaches that are more inviting and has better facilities. The next in this town is the proper barangay Nibaliw that is where are few resort flank a wide and grey sand beach on one side and has a river on the other.
Sierra Vista Beach Resort the rooms here are far superior from the others and it is slightly expensive. There is a pleasant restaurant that is served elaborate fruit cocktail.
Lazy a Beach Resort the rooms here are ordinary but the restaurant has decent that is serve Mexican and American dishes.

San Fernando (La Union)
This provincial capital of La Union is best known as for have a dozens resort that is dot on the coastline north and south of the city.
The striking Taoist and Catholic Chinese Ma-Cho Temple is sits atop on a hill in the north of San Fernando.
The Freedom Park was near in the provincial capitol building that has a spectacular view of the city.
Sea and Sky Hotel and Restaurant has a spectacular ocean view from the restaurant balcony and the basement rooms are comfortable and the staffs are friendly.
Oasis Country Resort is the most modern and services in the entire Lingayen Gulf area, it has a sizeable pool.

San Juan
Sunset German Beach Resort is a small lush resort that has a few attractive rooms.
SeBay Resort this is a popular place to hang out with a couple of pool tables and darts boards on the ground of the Viganesque main lodge.
Surf Resort this is a surfing HQ resort. It is run by the Aussie Brian Landrigan.

Long Beach Resort Hotel is a place that plenty of ideal spot. The rooms here are large and have a comfortable beachside restaurant that has nightly live music and times meals.
Bali Hai Beach Resort this resort has a beach front restaurant that is offers German, English and Indonesian specialties.
Oasis Sushi Bar this is a yummy restaurant that has nightly eat all you can buffet.
Mandarin this is a spot for good Chinese food in San Fernando.
Café Esperanza this a overlooking town the plaza, this café is serve sandwiches, pastries and coffee in a nice relaxed atmosphere.
Zigzag Music Lounge is a scenic lounge that serves Filipino food and sashimi.

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Interesting Places around in Zambales Coast

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Zambales is the second largest among the seven provinces of the Central Luzon. This province is abundant of mangoes in every January to April. Zambales is served by the Subic Bay International Airport which is located in Cubi point.
Masinloc was the first capital of this province and now changed into Iba. The province named cane from the word Zambal which is Hispanized term for Sambali. Many Sambals are still believed in Superstitious and mysteries.
This province is rich of source form nickel and chromites.
The provincial capital of Iba will celebrate the Mango Festival in every April. The Domorokdok festival is held in every May in Batolan.

The Capones Island in barrio Pandaquit, San Antonio is home to a Spanish Light House that built in during the 1800’s.
This island is has a good snorkeling and has a beautiful white sand beach.
Crystal Beach Resort was located in barangay San Narciso is about 7km from north of San Antonio.

Iba was the capital of the Zambales. This two place are has the best hiking spot and has a good and beautiful beaches in Zambales.
The most famous destination in this area is in the Mt. Tapulao, is the highest mountain in the Zambales range.
The Koto Mining River and the many waterfalls and the Aeta village of Cabatuan are also the spots that you enjoy most.
In the place of Botolan the beaches here are clean, nicer and quieter than the Iba.
Rama Beach Resort is a decent accommodation and has attractive grounds. They have also a nice restaurant with a library and a pool table that are highlights of this Australian owner of the resort.
Botolan Wildlife Farm has a created humane sanctuary for an array of rescued beast and including the massive Siberian tiger. The rooms here are having shared balconies with a great view of the animal pens and the mountain beyond.
The resorts in Iba are in the north in barangay Bangantalinga.
Palmera Garden Beach Resort this is a large open air restaurant and the rooms here are well kept and maintain.
Lindamar this resort is bright, has funky rooms and the surroundings are an attractive.

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Places and Information in South Manila

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Las Piñas is 29km south of Manila. The principal attraction here is the bamboo organ that is in the San Jose Church, this famous organ was built in 1821 during the period of the Spanish priest Padre Diego Cera.
This city was also known as the cleanest city in the Metro Manila because of that this city was have an award by the Philippine government as the clean and green hall of fame.
They celebrate the Bamboo Organ Festival in every second week of February.

Cavite is a protected harbor; it was 35km south west of Manila. The city is the home of Philippine navy.
Cavite is named as the historical capital of the Philippines. Cavite got its named from a tagalong word kawit which means hock, and this place is a historic, picturesque, and a scenic province.
Tagaytay city is the main tourist center.
You can also visit the Aguinaldo House it was in the village of Kawit, 23km south of Manila. In this place General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the Philippine Independence on June 12, 1898, the house now is the shrine and you can also tour the Aguinaldo’s private rooms. The general was died in 1964.

Ternate has a few resort lines that coast the south of Cavite.
Puerto Asul is a popular golf course set among the hills along the bay. The accommodation is in reasonable cottages on a grey-sand beach, there is also a huge pool.

Nasugbu has some of the most popular beaches that close in Manila.
Maya-maya Reef Resort is the most attractive beach in this area; it has 134 cottages that sit in a quite cove and has café and bar that has nice views of the marina.
Shorebirds this is a simple place on the beach that has clean rooms.
Alix Bayside Beach Resort is other simple resort that has nine fan cooled rooms that built around a large pool.

Matabungkay has a floating picnic rafts that is called balsa.
Most of the places were you like to stay are close together in the beach.
Lago de Oro is small but clean and has 26 rooms that are modest and the food is excellent and many European visitors are kept happy, this sprawling place includes a large lake popular with water-skiers.
Greendoors Cottages it is run by the truly people and it is suited in lush, leafy grounds, it has 24 rooms that are simple but it was large.
Matabungkay Beach Resort this resort contains 85 rooms that are comfortable and the restaurant is excellent and offering the good pizza and tasty banana splits.
Coral Beach Club this is resort is near in the pier, it has 21 rooms that has nice grounds and the deluxe rooms are well equipped with fridges, cable TV and large bathroom.

Lake Taal is a truly marvel to behold.
The entire area is part of Taal Volcano one of the world’s smallest and deadliest.
The most active crater is the Mt. Tabaro on the west side which saw a dramatic lava flows in the late 60’s and middle 70’s.
Tagaytay is a place short morning walk along the ridge and long afternoon siestas; this is a place of gardens greenhouses, and a place to sit an hour along the ridge, and watching the mist tickle the multiple craters of Tall Volcano. This town is very popular with upscale weekenders form the Manila.
People’s Park in the Sky this park is offer a spectacular 360 degree views of the area, and it is 7.5km east of the rotunda.
Sonya’s Garden has elegant cottages that featuring shower stalls with pebble flooring, wall to wall screening and the grounds are festooned with gazebos and decorated with exotic plants.
Estancia Resort Hotel this hotel has bamboo nipa huts that are set in the jungle with balconies that overlooking the lake, there are two pools and has a lake views if you request a room on the east side.
MC Mountain Home Apartelle it is about 13.2km west of rotunda, the rooms here are small but immaculate and has a nice views of the valley and mountains to the northwest, there is also spa and golf course in this hotel.
Keni Po is valley sides place that 3.5 east of the rotunda; it is a best place of budget hotels.
Leslie’s this place is known as for fried tawilis (small fish), kare-kare (oxtail with peanut sauce), sinigang (tamarind soup) and other Philippine delicacies.
Antonio’s this is continental restaurant that offers the chance to rub elbows. The décor here is a mix of Filipino and Mexican.

Talisay was on the edge of Taal Lake, a small town that is centered on the junction of the road; it is a wonderful place to chill and most of the simple and serene places to stay are in west.
The bog activity here is the Bangka trip out to Taal Volcano. This volcanic island offers of several hikes into the Binitiang Malaki.
Taal Lake Yacht Club has a good selection of water spot equipment that you can hire including the small boats and kayaks.
Talisay has several simple yet charming lakeside retreats.
Gloria de Castro has one of the best boats to Taal. They has six rooms has nice view s and air-con.
San Roque Beach Resort this clean and relaxed place with 11 comfortable rooms. There’s swimming area was on the lake.
Talisay Green Lake Resort this is a long established resort that has a good six good rooms with TV and has a private bathrooms.

TAAL is a historic small town with a number of old Spanish colonial buildings. The Basilica of St. Martin de Tours is built in 1849-65, that dominates the Taal Park at its base. This town has many shops that sell the famous balisong a butterfly knife.

Anilao is about 20km south of Tall on a small peninsula and the most popular diving spot for the people that came from Manila. In this place there are dozens of diving resorts that strung along the rugged coastal road that south of the village.
Most of the dive site here are the coral gardens, and there are three places here in Anilao that has good dive site the Balayan Bay, around in the Sombrero and in the Maricaban Island.
Balai has a 15 rooms set in its own little cove and the design is modern and has many decorative touches especially in the breezy common areas.
Planet Dive has small beach in front and has instructors on the site and offers certification program for the divers.
Aqua venture Reef Club in this resort has 20 units that is well established compound and which overlooks a small bay, the units here is comfortable and this resort has its own a Padi dive center.

Batangas is one of the most popular tourist destinations near in Metro Manila. This province has many beaches and famous excellent diving spot. The first recorded name of this province was Kumintang. Pineapples are also common in the province. Sugar also is a major industry and also rice cakes. The Batangueño are very regionalistic and most people are farmers and fishermen and sell their products in the markets.
Batangas also the main jumping point for the extremely popular resort town of Puerto Galera on Mindoro.
Mac-Ro Lodge this is a modern place which is clean, comfortable rooms and has a nicest choice locally.
Travelers Inn the best cheap place that has 25 very basic rooms and the deluxe rooms has already TV which is cable.

Calamba is a southeast of Manila on the shores of the Laguna de Bay, it was the birth place of the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal and it was a much restored Spanish colonial houses where Rizal was born that is now venerated as the Rizal shrine. This establishment displays the numerous items of Rizal memorabilia.
Enchanted Kingdom is the Luzon’s most popular theme park that has a good selection of thrill rides and it was open in many weekdays during the holiday times and I’m sure kids will love it.

Los Baños is a southeast of Calamba that has trade heavily on its natural hot springs and many resorts that offering water slides, Olympic sized pools, spas, and the hotel rooms are has private spas.
Monte Vista Hot Spring Resort this is a huge place with numerous pools, spas and water slides. The rooms here are has an air-con and private bathrooms and the best ones has a private pools.
City of Spring has a good pool, restaurant and a common area with restful lake views. This property is quite and well maintain.

San Pablo is 15km east of Alaminos, this place is known for its volcanic lakes whish has some pleasant walks. There are also several restaurant which sells tasty tilapia (carp). In the second week of January San Pablo celebrates their coconut festival that shows dancing and showcases the coconuts that are very famous product in this area.
Sampaloc Lake Youth Hostel it ahs four rooms and the place are very friendly and very helpful.
Alaminos area outside the Alaminos is the Hidden Valley Springs Resort is a jungle resort with lush tropical flora, hot springs and has seven naturals’ pools for swimming. This resort has 30 rooms that all have varnished wood furnishing, windows that are overlooking the forest garden and has a private bathroom.

Pagsanjan this town is about 100km southeast of Manila that has became synonymous with the Magdapio Falls, the starting point for a popular canoe ride through the rapids of the Pagsanjan River.  This is the major tourist attractions and boat trips along the river in the Luzon’s.
La Vista this new place is right on the river in town, it has four rooms that is very clean and the rooftop penthouse sleeps four, and the deck has fabulous views that you can enjoy.

Lucban has a annual festival that is celebrated in every 15 of May and it was the feast of San Isidro Labrador, this festival was called Pahiyas.
It is a great festival and the best of all. In this town there are many old Spanish townhouses.
The Church of St. Louis of Toulouse dates from 1738, though it sits atop the ruins of several churches dating back to 1595.
The other thing that is much known in Lucban is the Longganisa a Chinese style pork sausages and the pansit a fried noodles. There are also little shops that sell the handicrafts around in the plaza.
Patio Rizal Hotel is a modern and situated in the center of the town. This place has an excellent café that overlooks the small plaza, and the rooms are international standard and more quite and comfortable.

Tayabas is an attractive and well preserved town that built at the base of the mountains.
The Michael Archangel Basilica which is built in 1856 over the ruins of a 1585 and it is about 3km from the Tayabas, on the road to Mauban.

Lucena is a pleasant stop before you will continue your journey into the south.
Quezon Ave is the main shopping street in Lucena that has numerous restaurants and the San Ferdinand Cathedral. There are also several banks that are near the corner of Gomez and Granja Sts.
House of Halina Hotel this is a sprawling place that has a huge variety priced rooms that is set in a large compound.
Eastern Treasure this is a cavernous place serves up excellent Chinese Filipino fare.

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