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is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bicol region. Its capital is Masbate City and consists of the three major islands; Masbate, Ticao and Burias.
The province of Masbate is classified as a first class province. Masbate is endowed with rich natural resources. In line with its agriculture are other industries such as large farming, livestock and poultry raising. Along its coastal areas, fishing industry predominates. Agricultural lands are planted with rice, corn, root crops and coconut. Masbate ranks second only to Bukidnon in raising cattle. Farming is the main source of livelihood. Copra is the leading product followed by corn, rice and root crops. Fishing is the major industry along the coast. The province is one of the richest on the country in terms of mineral resources that include copper, silver, iron. Manganese and chromite. Manufacturing firms are in the copra industry, handicrafts, furniture making and fish processing. The province is surrounded with rich fishing areas where all kinds of commercial species of fish teemed in great abundance. Rich minerals are found in the province. Masbate is described by geologist as a province sitting on a pot of gold. Cottage industry is likewise another source of livelihood. They are furniture and cabinet making, ceramics, garments, handicrafts and metal crafts.

Festivals and Events
Rodeo Masbateño also known as the Rodeo Filipino is usually held in April or May each year. This five day event attracts cowpokes from all over the Philippines and features men’s and women’s lassoing, barehanded cattle wrestling and bull riding.

Sleeping and Eating

MG Hotel and Restaurant the classiest place in the province for eating or sleeping. It has the feel of a friendly and the large tiled rooms with small private balconies are modern and lovingly cared for.
Masbate Lodge offers the best value accommodation on Quezon St. the 2nd storey rooms are large and clean and the polished wooden floorboards are an attractive change of pace from the usual concrete or tile.
St. Anthony Hotel is clean and bright, furnished with fish tanks and a lounge. The rooms are dark and bowlike.
Rancher’s Hotel have harbor views while those without are decidedly dim and unwelcoming.

Bacagay is about 14 km from Masbate town; Bituon Beach Resort is a popular weekend getaway for locals and the only beachside accommodation on Masbate. The restaurant also serves good Filipino and international cuisine.


Mandaon is about 64 km from Masbate town.
Bantongan Cave is about half hour by bus that is near in the main road between Mandaon and Masbate town.

Ticao Island
On Ticao west coast, Costa Rica is a lonely fishing village with a long brown sand beach. In this place you cam watch on your way to go here a dolphins and flying fish.
Halea Island Resort is nestled in a beautiful cove on San Miguel just off the northern tip of the Ticao.

Burias Island
In the town of Claveria on Burias, is a cave of truly cathedral like dimensions. Burias Island is the one of the three major islands of Masbate province in the Philippines. This island has two municipalities the Claveria and the San Pascual.

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